About Us

Today, Attica Floral is owned by  Nancy Pearson. Their son and daughter, Dave Pearson, manager, and Kathy Wellmaker, assistant manager, are also a big part of the business. It is a full service floral shop with 12,000 square feet of greenhouse. It has 7 greenhouses/garden centers.


The first greenhouse in Attica was erected in 1906. It was on the rear lot at 908 North Perry St, the same location it is today, and some of the first greenhouse is still a part of the present greenhouse. It was a one room 20x25 foot, glass-roofted building, until 1907 when an addition was made for more room. It was a 20x27 foot building, and was used exclusively for carnations which was the most popular flower of the day. In 1911 the greenhouse was sold. The greenhouse was owned by many people over time. It has been owned by the Pearsons since 1980.

Our Employees

Our team features only skilled florists with many years of experience.


Dave Pearson

Position : Head Grower


Kathy Wellmaker


Dennis Kovar

Position : Full Time Floral Designer


Rosie Taylor